Lotus Fencing Academy has been providing the highest quality of Olympic fencing instruction to children and adults alike for many years. Head Coach Walid Mahran is passionate and highly experienced as both fencer and coach.  The fencing facilities are located in the Athletic Club Northeast fitness center, adding access to excellent health/fitness tools in tandem with fencing instruction and practice for fencers of all ages. 

Our Mission

We are determined to spread access and knowledge of the wonderful Olympic and NCAA sport of fencing to the community.  Fencing maintains the highest proportions of all NCAA sports for scholarships and college admissions benefits.  The sport is also an excellent and exciting way to maintain physical and mental health for all ages.  We aspire to have everyone gain some experience in this beautiful and addicting sport. 

What We've Achieved

  • Our athletes have won over 80 medals in national and international competitions

  • Trained multiple world cup fencers in youth AND veteran age categories.

  • Obtained more than 20 coaching medals from the US Fencing Association

  • Helped students get accepted in academically rigorous colleges and universities, such as the Air Force Academy, Duke, Princeton, Yale, NYU, Ohio State, etc.

  • Inspired and developed fencing programs at multiple schools around Georgia and Tennessee.

  • Held numerous coaching and fencing clinics to further the strength of competitive and recreational fencing all over the United States and internationally.