Our Mission

We are determined to spread access and knowledge of the wonderful Olympic and NCAA sport of fencing to the community.  Fencing maintains the highest proportions of all NCAA sports for scholarships and college admissions benefits. The sport is also an excellent and exciting way to maintain physical and mental health for all ages. We aspire to have everyone gain some experience in this beautiful and addicting sport. 

What We've Achieved

  • Our athletes have won over 80 medals in national and international competitions.

  • Trained multiple world cup fencers in youth and veteran age categories for over 15 years!

  • Obtained more than 20 coaching medals from the US Fencing Association.

  • Helped students get accepted in academically rigorous colleges and universities, such as the Air Force Academy, Duke, Princeton, Yale, UNC at Chapel Hill, NYU, USC, etc.

  • Inspired and developed fencing programs at multiple schools around Georgia and Tennessee.

  • Held numerous coaching and fencing clinics to further the strength of competitive and recreational fencing all over the United States and internationally.

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Results 2018-19

2019 Summer national championships

Y10 Women’s Foil - Caterina 3rd 🥉

Y12 Men’s Foil - Alex 16th

Div II Women’s Foil - Jamie 9th

Div III Women’s Foil - Sarah 20th

Vet 50 Women’s Foil - Kristin 3rd 🥉

Stoccata black bear ryc

Y10 Men’s Foil - Francesco 4th — Women’s Foil - Caterina 1st 🥇

Y12 Men’s Foil - Alex 1st 🥇, Aaron 2nd 🥈, Sebastian 3rd 🥉, Michael 5th. — Women’s Foil - Caterina 1st 🥇, Allegra 2nd 🥈.

Y14 Men’s Foil - Alex 2nd 🥈, Michael 3rd 🥉, Aaron 5th, Sebastian 6th, Max 8th. — Women’s Foil - Allegra 1st 🥇, Sienna 3rd 🥉.

ACn ryc/rjcc (march 9-10)

Y10 Men's Foil - Francesco 5th, Aiden 8th. — Women's Foil - Caterina 1st 🥇, Emerson 6th, Mariam 8th.

Y12 Men's Foil - Michael 1st 🥇, Sebastian 3rd 🥉, Alex 5th, Aaron 8th.

Women's Foil - Caterina 1st 🥇, Allegra 2nd 🥈, Bella 8th.

Y14 Men's Foil - Sebastian 3rd 🥉, Michael 5th. — Women's Foil - Jazmin 1st 🥇, Allegra 5th, Sienna 6th.

Cadet Men’s Foil - Ryan 3rd 🥉

Junior Women’s Foil - Jamie 3rd 🥉, Sarah 6th, and Chloe 7th.


Y10 Men’s Foil: Francesco 5th. — Women’s Foil: Caterina 2nd.

Y12 Men’s Foil: Sebastian 5th. — Women’s Foil: Allegra 3rd & Caterina 5th.

Y14 Women’s Foil: Sienna 6th.

Cadet Women’s Foil: Jamie 1st.🥇

Junior Women’s Foil: Jamie 1st 🥇& Sienna 3rd.

RYC apex challenge (jan. 12-13, 2019)

Great results for ACN fencers at the Apex Challenge RYC! We had all these fencers in top 8:
Y10 Mixed Foil: Caterina 2nd and Francesco 5th.
Y12 Men's Foil: Sebastian 3rd, Aaron 5th, and Michael 6th. Women's Foil: Caterina 1st and Allegra 5th.
Y14 Men's Foil: Sebastian 3rd and Aaron 7th. — Women's Foil: Allegra 3rd and Sienna 7th.

RYC/RJCC Atlanta results (dec. 1-2, 2018)

Y10 Men’s Foil: Francesco 3rd. — Women’s Foil: Caterina 1st., Emerson 3rd., Mariam 5th.

Y12 Men’s Foil: Sebastian 3rd., Michael 5th., Aaron 6th., Alex 7th., Max 8th. — Women’s Foil: Caterina 1st., Allegra 5th., Bella 7th.

Y14 Men’s Foil: Sebastian 6th., Michael 8th. (earned his E!). — Women’s Foil: Jazmin 2nd., Allegra 3rd., Sienna 7th.

Cadet Men’s Foil: Ryan 3rd.— Jazmin 2nd., Sienna 7th.

Junior Men’s Foil: Ryan and Dylan Top 16 (Dylan earned his E!) — Sarah 2nd., Jamie 3rd., Chloe 6th.

ryc nashville results

Another win for our fencers at the Music City RYC: Caterina —1st place Y12 Women’s Foil and 2nd in Y10!!! Sebastian 3rd, Michael 5th and Alex 6th—Y12 Men’s Foil. Sebastian 7th—Y14 Men’s Foil. Allegra 3rd in Y12 and Y14; Sienna 6th in Y14. Max, Aaron and Francesco getting some points in the Regional level. We are so proud of each and everyone of you!

roc new orleans results

Jamie got 2nd place and Chloe 8th in the New Orleans ROC. Congratulations girls!

RYC Alabama Results

Caterina got the Y12 under her belt, with her teammate on the podium in 3rd place, Allegra. Francesco’s 1st Regional (7 years old!). Sienna got her points in Cadets, Anton fenced the big league, Ryan got qualified for JJOO, and our Sebastian Elwood got his rating in his first Y14, now he is a D!