Beginners’ Class

Our beginners’ class get fencers prepared not only for fencing, but also to succeed physically and mentally in real life, and to develop confidence in themselves. We achieve this by focusing on:


fitness & games

Fitness builds the endurance fencers need to complete their day of bouting during tournaments. Our games are designed for fencers to build eye/arm/leg coordination, and speed; these games include plyometrics designed to help fencers in their daily lives and also in tournaments.


footwork & coordination

Footwork is essential to reach your full potential in fencing. Fencing is 60% footwork, 40% handwork, so fencers need to have full control of their footwork first. Coordination in fencing is about feeling the distance between your opponent and yourself, and being able to change direction. In order to hit their opponent, fencers have to develop great eye/arm/leg coordination.


fencing drills & bouting

Drills are there to teach you the technique of the attack and the defense, that is, how to score touches. Bouting helps fencers put together everything learned previously and apply it in a real tournament later on.