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2018 Summer Camps at Darlington School & ACN

Lotus Fencing Academy’s 2018 Summer Fencing Camps are open for preregistration!

We will be hosting a week-long overnight camp at the Darlington School in Rome, GA, as well as a series of summer camps at our facilities at Athletic Club Northeast (ACN).

For more information, download the official flyers and camp applications below:

ACN Camp flyer 2018

2018 Camp Darlington

ACN Fencers at the RYC Tournament in Alabama

On January 21st-22nd, the Birmingham Fencing Club hosted their Magic City – RYC (Regional Youth Circuit) in Hoover, AL.

Our younger fencers did a great job! Here are the results:

Y10 Men’s Foil

  • Sebastian Elwood, 3rd place

Y10 Women’s Foil 

  • Allegra Novikov, 3rd place
  • Caterina Fedeli, 5th place

Y12 Men’s Foil

  • Sebastian Elwood, 9th place

Y12 Women’s Foil

  • Harper White, 3rd place
  • Jazmin Perkins, 3rd place

Y14 Men’s Foil

  • Dylan Plemper, 12th place

Y14 Women’s Foil

  • Harper White, 3rd place
  • Jazmin Perkins, 9th place

Excellent Results for ACN Fencers at the Ga Division Junior Olympics Qualifier

On December 11th, at the GA Division 2016 Junior Olympics Qualifier, our fencers did an excellent job. Look at these results!

Cadet (U17), Women’s Open

  • Chloe Oesterreicher, 1st place
  • Sarah Followill, 2nd place

Junior (U20), Men’s Open

  • Alton Wiggers, 2nd place

Junior (U20), Women’s Open

  • Sarah Followill, 2nd place
  • Chloe Oesterreicher, 3rd place

ACN Youngest Generation at Work at the Regional Youth ( RYC)

On November 5th, our youngest generation of fencers proved that our club has a promising future! Here are the results:

Y10, Men’s Foil

  • Sebastian Elwood, 1st place
  • Alex Mahran-Galindo, 7th place
  • Michael Sage, 11th place

Y10, Women’s Foil

  • Anna Shang, 1st place
  • Emma Xuan, 2nd place
  • Caterina Fedeli, 3rd place
  • Emma S. Thorne, 5th place

Y12, Women’s Foil

  • Harper White, 2nd place
  • Jazmin Perkins, 7th place
  • Emma Xuan, 9th place

Y14, Men’s Foil

  • Dylan Plemper, 17th place

Y14, Women’s Foil

  • Jamie Jewett, 2nd place
  • Hattie Carter, 3rd place
  • Harper White, 3rd place
  • Jazmin Perkins, 5th place

Great Results for Our Fencers at the ACN Atlanta 2016 Foil RJCC

Here are the results of the RJCC that took place in our club on October 15th:

Cadet (U17), Men’s Foil

  • Grant Christopher Derdeyn-Blackwell, 1st place
  • Dylan Plemper, 6th place

Cadet (U17), Women’s Foil

  • Artemis Hopps, 1st place
  • Jamie Jewett, 3rd place
  • Chloe Oesterreicher, 10th place
  • Hattie Carter, 11th place

Junior (U20), Men’s Foil

  • James Packman, 3rd place
  • Grant Christopher Derdeyn-Blackwell, 3rd place
  • Nick Pittman, 8th place
  • Alton Wiggers, 11th place

Junior (U20), Women’s Foil

  • Artemis Hopps, 1st place
  • Julia Gianneschi, 2nd place
  • Jamie Jewett, 3rd place
  • Melissa Chiu, 9th place
  • Chloe Oesterreicher, 12th place
  • Hattie Carter, 14th place