ACN Youngest Generation at Work at the Regional Youth ( RYC)

On November 5th, our youngest generation of fencers proved that our club has a promising future! Here are the results:

Y10, Men’s Foil

  • Sebastian Elwood, 1st place
  • Alex Mahran-Galindo, 7th place
  • Michael Sage, 11th place

Y10, Women’s Foil

  • Anna Shang, 1st place
  • Emma Xuan, 2nd place
  • Caterina Fedeli, 3rd place
  • Emma S. Thorne, 5th place

Y12, Women’s Foil

  • Harper White, 2nd place
  • Jazmin Perkins, 7th place
  • Emma Xuan, 9th place

Y14, Men’s Foil

  • Dylan Plemper, 17th place

Y14, Women’s Foil

  • Jamie Jewett, 2nd place
  • Hattie Carter, 3rd place
  • Harper White, 3rd place
  • Jazmin Perkins, 5th place