Team USA takes Silver in 2016 International Wheelchair Fencing Regional

ACN Fencer Andrew Quattrociocchi helped Team USA to take Silver at the International Wheelchair and Amputee Sports Federation (IWAS) regional event for the Americas in May in São Paulo, Brazil.


Andrew Quattrociocchi, third from left.  Congratulations Team USA!

2016 – 2017 Georgia Division Tournament Schedule and New Policies


As many of you may have already heard, this year’s annual schedule of sanctioned events has been reduced by design. The executive committee’s hope is to promote inter-club competition, to create larger meets for the division’s members, and to aid in referee development in doing so.
All clubs are free to host as many non-sanctioned tournaments as they want in a competitive arena. We expect these to be run as professionally as sanctioned meets, with the possibility of some flexibilities not found in sanctioned meets.

For referee development, for example, non-sanctioned events can have relaxed rules of refereeing – where a developing referee can be assigned a tough pool, but with a higher-rated overseer who can reverse calls so that the fencers are not wronged, and the referee can learn to make calls in an atmosphere in which he/she isn’t afraid of costing someone a rating.
With fewer sanctioned tournaments, we hope to see more inter-club interactions, and with much larger entry numbers; more competent referees will have to be hired, and fencers will have a chance to be exposed to different referees (much like what happens at an ROC or NAC – adjusting to a referee who is unknown is part of the game).
I’m very grateful for the help and support of both the executive committee and the tournament committee in the creation of this year’s schedule – let’s do it!

Click below for the following schedules:

Rudy Volkmann, DMA
Chair, Tournament Committee

USA Fencing |

ACN to host Region 6 RYC on November 5th, 2016 at ACN

Click here for complete information.

Tournament Eligibility
Event eligibility is determined by 2016-17 USA Fencing birth year requirement only (not specific day/month). All entrants’ age/point eligibility will be verified prior to the tournament, and any ineligible fencers will be notified and removed from the “who’s preregistered” list.

Age Eligibility:

Y10 2006-2009
Y12 2004-2007 (or on Y10 NRPS list)
Y14 2002-2005 (or on Y12 NRPS list)

Regular online registration period runs through October 29, 2016
$30 Registration plus $30 per event

From October 30, 2016 through November 3, 2016 DOUBLE FEES $60 registration plus $60 per event Preregistration Tournament fees must be PAID for entry to be complete.

Refund Policy

– Registration fee and any ASKFred surcharges are non-refundable.
– Until October 29 – Only events fees can be refunded
– After October 29 – No refund – No exception

Final Pre-registration will close at midnight November 3.

Events Scheduled:
9:00 AM Y10 Women’s Foil
9:00 AM Y10 Men’s Foil
12:30 PM Y12 Women’s Foil
12:30 PM Y12 Men’s Foil
9:00 AM Y14 Women’s Foil
9:00 AM Y14 Men’s Foil

Check-In – Venue open 8:00 AM

You will need to present:
1- Signed waiver (will email to pre-register competitors)
2- Proof of age – Birth certificate, passport, or USFencing membership card if DOB is noted on card
3- Proof of USFencing membership, FIE license, or foreign federation membership. If no membership
provided, fencer has to complete and pay for USFencing membership at the door

Tournament Format and Rules

USA Fencing rules apply.

Seeding is based on current national rolling point standings according to age group and weapon, then letter rankings, then by classification year. Fencers with equal classification will be randomized among themselves.

RYC will ONLY use ratings and points standings that have been forwarded to and accepted by USA Fencing in advance of the tournament and then downloaded by organizers from USA Fencing. It is the fencer’s responsibility to notify the bout committee of any discrepancies before the close of check-in and before pools are posted.

Each fencer is required to have two working electric weapons, two working mask cords, and two working body cords.

Failure to appear when called and with approved regulation equipment will subject fencer to penalties as defined by USA Fencing rules and regulations.

Equipment check required : masks, lames, gloves, mask and body cords.
Blades: The maximum blade length permitted for Y10 competitions is 32 inches (Size 0, and 2)

Name is NOT required on uniform. However, full fencing uniform is mandatory, including mask, jacket, plastron, fencing knickers, knee length socks and glove. Additionally, chest protectors are required for girls. All USFA uniform requirements apply. Conductive bibs are required for foil fencers.

AIRPORT: Hartsfield-Jackson International airport (ATL)

Doubletree by Hilton Atlanta North Druid Hills – Emory
2061 North Druid Hills Road| Atlanta, Georgia 30329

Courtyard Atlanta Executive Park/Emory
1236 Executive Park Drive Atlanta, Georgia 30329

Important tournament information, including any close of check-in time changes, will be communicated through the FRED e-mail system. Be sure your e-mail address is up-to-date. Visit then go to “My FRED” to verify your current e-mail address.

Preregistration opens on 08/24/2016.
Preregistration closes on 11/03/2016.

ACN to host RJCC (Regional Junior Cadet Circuit) Tournament October 15, 2016

Junior Men's Results Oct 2016 RJCC Junior Women's Results Oct 2016 RJCC Cadent Women's Results Oct 2016 RJCC Cadent Men's Results Oct 2016 RJCCThe RJCC (Regional Junior Cadet Circuit) is designed to promote and develop strong regional tournaments for Junior/Cadet aged fencer who seeks competitive opportunities beyond the local and division levels but below the NAC level. Click here for detailed information.

Events Scheduled:
Saturday October 15th
9:00 AM Cadet (U16) Women’s Foil
9:00 AM Junior (U19) Men’s Foil

Saturday October 15th
1:30 PM Cadet (U16) Men’s Foil
1:30 PM Junior (U19) Women’s Foil

Birth Years
Cadet 2000-2003
Junior 1997-2003

The Regional Junior Cadet Circuit (RJCC) is sanctioned by USA Fencing. RJCCs are a group of events throughout the country for fencers in the junior and cadet age categories in all six weapons. They provide an opportunity for young athletes to experience elite competition, earn regional RJCC points, and prepare for future national events while limiting travel time and expenses for the fencers and families. Regional RJCC Points will be awarded to all fencers in the competitive field who reside in Region 6. The Athlete’s Handbook:( contains detailed information on qualifying pathways for the Junior Olympics and the July Challenge and should be used as the appropriate reference document.


Any Junior or Cadet Fencer who earns 110 Regional Points before the regular entry deadline for the JO Championships 2017 will qualify in that event regardless of their % position on the Regional list. (Qualification does trickle down from Junior to Cadet if fencer is age eligible)

Any Junior or Cadet Fencer who earns 65 Regional Points before the regular entry deadline for the July Challenge 2017 will qualify in that event regardless of their % position on the Regional list. (Qualification does trickle down from Junior to Cadet if fencer is age eligible)

There will be a weapons check as it is required for RJCC events. We will be checking masks, lames, gloves, body cords and mask leads. Armorers are available to help fix small issues, please check your equipment thoroughly according to US fencing rules before arriving.

1. A USA Fencing membership card (valid for the current competitive season); AND
2. A waiver form that has been signed by a parent or legal guardian; AND
3. A birth-certificate (copy acceptable) or other government-issued identification showing the fencer’s birth date. USA Fencing membership card with date of birth verification confirm will suffice.

Cost Information:

Registration is through Payment must be made via Registration is not complete until payment is made. The regular fee registration period ends at 11:59pm EST on 10/05/16. The double-fee registration period begins on 010/06/16 and ends at 11:59pm EST on 10/12/16. All registrations made after 11:59pm EST on 10/12/16 will be considered walk-ins at the triple fee rate. If you are listed as an “incomplete” registrant on FRED’s list, you will be charged the walk-in event fee.

Regular Period Registration fee: $30
Regular Period Fee per Event: $40

Double-Fee Period Registration fee: $60
Double-Fee Period Fee per Event: $80

Walk-In Period Registration fee: $90
Walk-In Period Fee per Event: $120

Registration fees will not be refunded. There are no exceptions. Prior to October 5th, 100% of the event fee will be refunded if the organizer is contacted with a refund request. After October 5th, there will be no refunds of the event fee. Please make your registrations early to avoid complications.

AIRPORT: Hartsfield-Jackson International airport (ATL)

Doubletree by Hilton Atlanta North Druid Hills – Emory
2061 North Druid Hills Road| Atlanta, Georgia 30329

Courtyard Atlanta Executive Park/Emory
1236 Executive Park Drive Atlanta, Georgia 30329

Preregistration opens on 08/15/2016.
Preregistration closes on 10/05/2016.

ACN Fencers put in Great Performance at Daugherty Cup in St. Louis

Our fencers had a great showing at the Daugherty Challenge R2 DIV1A ROC/RJCC/RYC in St. Louis. Click here for full results.

DIV 1A Men’s Foil – all ACN fencers finished in the top 16 and qualified for DIV1A and DIV2 at Nationals:

  • Grant Derdeyn-Blackwell – 6th
  • Alex Bergeron – 12th
  • Alton Wiggers – 15th
  • Will Chase – 16th

Cadet Men’s Foil:
Grant Derdeyn-Blackwell –  6th

Junior Men’s Foil – all ACN fencers finished in the top 8:

  • Grant Derdeyn-Blackwell – 2nd
  • Alex Bergeron – 3rd
  • Alton Wiggers – 7th

DIV 1A Women’s Foil
Elina Moon – 3rd

Congratulations Walid!!!

ACN Named to Best Fencing Clubs in USA for third year in a row!

The National Fencing Clubs Ranking organization has added ACN Fencing to its prestigious list of “Best Fencing Clubs” for the third consecutive year.  Congratulations to ACN coaches and fencers!

ACN also ranked highly in the NFCR ranking for Veteran Men’s Foil, a new category of analysis that was added for the 2015 – 16 season, and the Veteran Women’s Foil category as well.