2017 Upcoming GA Tournaments

These are the upcoming foil tournaments (February-April) for the state of Georgia:

Punctured Heart

Feb 11 – Mercer University, University Center: Macon, GA

Atlanta Fencers’ Club Grand Prix

Feb 25-26 – Atlanta Fencers’ Club: East Point, GA

ACN Atlanta Foil Tournament

Mar 4 – Athletic Club Northeast Gym: Atlanta, GA

8th Annual Yellow Jacket Open

Mar 11-12 – Georgia Tech Campus Recreation Center: Atlanta, GA

2017 OFC Stirring Fencing Tournament

Mar 25-26 – Olympic Fencers Club: Johns Creek, GA

2016 – 2017 Georgia Division Tournament Schedule and New Policies


As many of you may have already heard, this year’s annual schedule of sanctioned events has been reduced by design. The executive committee’s hope is to promote inter-club competition, to create larger meets for the division’s members, and to aid in referee development in doing so.
All clubs are free to host as many non-sanctioned tournaments as they want in a competitive arena. We expect these to be run as professionally as sanctioned meets, with the possibility of some flexibilities not found in sanctioned meets.

For referee development, for example, non-sanctioned events can have relaxed rules of refereeing – where a developing referee can be assigned a tough pool, but with a higher-rated overseer who can reverse calls so that the fencers are not wronged, and the referee can learn to make calls in an atmosphere in which he/she isn’t afraid of costing someone a rating.
With fewer sanctioned tournaments, we hope to see more inter-club interactions, and with much larger entry numbers; more competent referees will have to be hired, and fencers will have a chance to be exposed to different referees (much like what happens at an ROC or NAC – adjusting to a referee who is unknown is part of the game).
I’m very grateful for the help and support of both the executive committee and the tournament committee in the creation of this year’s schedule – let’s do it!

Click below for the following schedules:

Rudy Volkmann, DMA
Chair, Tournament Committee

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