ACN Fencing

Lotus Fencing Academy’s 2018 Summer Fencing Camps are open for preregistration!

We will be hosting a week-long overnight camp at the Darlington School in Rome, GA, as well as a series of summer camps at our facilities at Athletic Club Northeast (ACN).

For more information, download the official flyers and camp applications below:

ACN Camp flyer 2018 revised

2018 Camp Darlington

Since the ancient Egyptians first developed fencing as a sport three thousand years ago, athletes have worked to perfect the art of swordplay. Today, fencing is a modern sport that requires strength, agility and mental strategy. One of the five original Olympic sports established in 1896, it is part of a long-established honorable tradition that demands excellence from its athletes.

Lotus Fencing Academy at Athletic Club Northeast trains both the serious competitor and the recreational athlete. Walid Mahran, the academy’s coach, directs the training of our diverse group of fencers whose ages range from six to sixty and whose skill level varies from first-time beginners to National Circuit and international athletes.

Fencing improves endurance, leg strength, arm strength, coordination and balance. When combined with our fitness program, athletes get a complete body workout.

We offer classes for beginners of all ages at locations around the greater metro Atlanta area. Learning to fence in one of our classes will provide you with a solid foundation of skills to build upon. Click here to learn more about our classes!

In addition, we have a competitive program to provide training for students who already understand the basics of the sport. Our experienced coaching staff, diverse student base and quality facilities provide the ideal environment for one to develop as a competitive fencer.

Please feel free to contact us for more information on how to start fencing today!